Monday 22 July 2019

Lie Ning - Tonight

Having a stressful day? Find a quiet spot, take a seat, and drink in this gorgeous song. Watching the video will heighten the experience, but it’s not strictly-speaking necessary. Maybe listen to it first. You know what - do both.

Lie Ning is a 22-year-old artist from Berlin. “Tonight”, his debut single, is a 4:44-minute-long, meditative, soulful track about human connection – specifically, connection formed on a dancefloor, under “neon lights.” The production is minimal. His velvet-smooth voice seems to permeate everything, to take up all the oxygen.

Speaking to Paper Magazine, he explained why his EP will be titled Traffic Songs for the In-Betweens: “it is for the people like me who sometimes feel unseen, but I can make myself visible very easily and some people can't for whatever reason so I want to encourage that. I think of "traffic songs" as something that I would listen to when I go from points A to B. So every day I need certain songs to get by, whether I'm making a decision, or preparing for work, or about to meet certain people.”

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