Sunday 21 July 2019

Joviale - Taste of the Heavens

Have you heard the third single from Joviale’s upcoming EP? Do you know who Joviale is? Let me back up.

If you haven’t heard Joviale yet, I can say with confidence you’ve never heard anything quite like her. I can also say with confidence that you’ll be hearing her name more often. The North London-based artist has been at work on her first EP, Crisis, set for release on September 6 by Blue Flowers Music. Production credit goes to Bullion, who has also played a major role producing albums for fellow Blue Flowers artists Nil├╝fer Yanya and Westerman. Joviale has released three singles in quick succession, the last one being "In the Heavens".

Everything I've considered writing about this track rings hollow. In terms of genre, style, overall aesthetic… it's highly original and the influences are hard to pin down. That’s not shocking given the way she answered a question about her three desert island records in a recent interview with The Face: “Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear,” “Destiny Fulfilled by Destiny’s Child,” and, “some kind of Eric Satie compilation”.  Perhaps it's appropriate to not try to define the track, given that it's theme centers on the ease with which you can become trapped in someone else's reflection of you. Am I letting myself off the hook? Yes. But that was pretty slick, right?

Watch the video below. Get excited for the EP.

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