Sunday 21 July 2019

Julien Chang - Of the Past

Transgressive Records recently added to their impressive roster (SOPHIE, Neon Indian, The Antlers,,…) nineteen-year-old multi-instrumentalist Julien Chang. Now, with the release of his first single “Of the Past”, the signing makes perfect sense. “Of the Past” showcases Chang’s artistry and his songwriting chops, as he draws from various sources – notably 80’s disco, funk, and psychedelic rock – and dances comfortably between them to craft a fresh, original, and nonchalant track. This is a track tells you to sit back and relaxxxx. Perhaps his boldest choice, Chang throws a straight-up jazz piano solo smack in the middle of the song, lasting a full minute(!): Just relax, the track coos, relax and appreciate this jazzzz.

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