Friday 12 July 2019

Campfires - I'll Go Home

Campfires is the alias of Portland based Jeff Walls. After a long five years since his last album, he has revealed that a new album, "Fare Trax", is set for release on August 30 via Firetalk. With the single "I'll Go Home", we get our first taste of his new material. Walls explains, "the chords are inspired by one of [his] all time favorite songs, "mindless Child of Motherhood", written by Dave Davies of the Kinks." Personally, it's everything I needed: jangly guitars, unmistakable British Invasion influences, and grainy and washed out vocals that make it sound a little like the singer is tangled in a sleeping bag.

You couldn't hope for a better track to lounge by a campfire (aha), on a summer night, no shoes, no socks, sipping a beer... and contemplating "how modern man is sickeningly disconnected from ancient truths of nature". Sounds swell.

With this endearing track, I am really looking forward to hearing the rest.


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