Saturday 13 July 2019

Xul Zolar - Perfume

Cologne-based Xul Zolar has just come out with a superb, catchy new single "Perfume". It is one third of an upcoming EP "Nightfalls", to be released in late-August. According to their Bandcamp, Xul Zolar formed in 2011 when Ronald Rottel and Marin Geier discovered their mutual admiration for bands like the Talking Heads and the Smiths. Their sound owes a lot to post-punk, and Rottel undoubtedly acquired his crooning baritone in the Morrisey school of vocal performance (at any moment I half-expect him to fill the gaps with a wailing la-la-la-la-la).

But you can't accuse the band of imitation. They are comfortable in their own skin, straddling and moving easily between categorizations; their sound evokes groups like the The Temper Trap and Bombay Bicycle Club even as it takes inspiration the 80's. 

Check out the single and its accompanying video below:

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