Friday 12 July 2019

Vaarwell - False Promises

If you haven't heard of Lisbon-based alt-pop trio Vaarwell, that's okay. Until this morning, neither had I. The band consists of Margarida Falcão (vocals, keyboards)Ricardo Nagy (guitar, keys, production), and Luís Monteiro (bass, sampler). After forming in 2014, they have been going from strength to strength ever since. Their 2017 debut LP 'Homebound 456' in 2017 got play on BBC Radio 1 and led to a 2018 performance at SXSW. 

Their new song 'False Promises' is a new height for the band, as they reinforce and build upon their particular soft-sweet-confident-indie-pop brand. The song's layered, careful, even soulful production betrays the band's origin - they met in a music production class. Equal parts melancholic and optimistic, nostalgic and hopeful... oh, screw it, I might as well just quote Margarida, who describes the impulse behind the song this way:

 "'False Promises' is an upbeat plea for one's loved one to stay, even when the feelings are no longer mutual. The song goes back and forth, from denial to the acceptance of the inevitable end of the relationship. Wanting, on one hand, to hold on to past hopes and promises, whilst knowing that things change and that some promises are hard to keep"


If you have some extra time - and I know you do - stick around Vaarwell's soundcloud and listen to their track 'Stay'.

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