Tuesday 21 August 2012

World's End Press- Second Day Uptown (Slow Hands Remix)

Way back in April a band called World’s End Press released a catchy, funky, dancey  (it’s a word now) Synth-Pop gem called “Second Day Uptown”. The quartet from Melbourne have been steadily gaining popularity since the release of their debut EP Faithful, released a year ago."'Second Day Uptown" was produced by Tony Hoffer who, to give a few out of MANY examples, has mixed The Kooks, Foster the People, The Temper Trap…and now World’s Press End! It seems the young group is bound for success.

Believe it or not, the main focus of this post is not World’s Press End, although be sure to check it out if you haven't yet. Their work has resulted in a love affair with bloggers and remix artists alike. These two crowds have become thoroughly obsessed with World’s End Press, which is why I, a blogger, am here promoting a new remix of this wonderful track. The remix was created by Slow Hands, aka Ryan Cavanagh.  His style is truly, as his Facebook page states, “rich yet languid”.  He posseses a unique ability to create flexible and multi-faceted remixes, pinpointing the spot where chill, flowing synths meet dance, and flickering seamlessly between those barriers in a bold display of creative finesse. You could easily bring this song strait to the dancefloor, or just as easily chill to it whilst lying on a beach. Enjoy!!!

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