Thursday 23 August 2012

Les Sins

If I told you that Les Sins just released a couple new tracks, I would probably get blank stares in return. If I said that Les Sins was the new moniker of Chaz Bundick, a few heads would turn. After pointing out that Bundick is the mastermind behind Toro Y Moi, the lo-fi producer who contributed massively to, and practically defined, the Chillwave trend, that should spur unanimous elation and excitement.

For me, Chaz is one of the most fresh, interesting, composers on the planet. It's hard to believe, considering the enormous support and respect that he has already amassed, that he only released his first full length album, Causers of This, in 2010. Even in these past two years, he has prolifically created music which has restlessly changed and evolved stylistically with each release. A month ago, NoiseDart posted a collaboration between Toro Y Moi and Tyler The Creator. He has also found the time to quietly further his side project, Les Sins.

As Les Sins, Chaz strays from his well known Chillwave persona into new territory to produce funky, dance-inspired tracks. A new split single will be released later this month through Dan Snaith's (Caribou) Jiaolong label. The A side is "Fetch" and B is "Taken". Both are available now on soundcloud so check 'em out below!

Les Sins by ToroyMoi


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