Friday 24 August 2012

Bam Spacey - Land

This morning I spent some time delving into this summer's releases, hoping to uncover a few of the numerous treasures from these past few months that I may have missed. Of the many releases to come onto my radar, one of the most arresting would have to be Land, the debut EP from Swedish producer Bam Spacey (Magnus Johansson). This latest edition to the long register of swedish producers,  introduces a unique brand of calming minimal electronica and exhibits avant-garde concepts that will engage and captivate listeners.

These tracks are full of warm, lush textures that firmly occupy the space in the tracks and carefully resonate on cue. As waves of ambience wash through they mingle with Johansson's breezy vocals and bright synth hooks. Many elements throughout the tracks show a clear influence from techno, which becomes most striking in the solid house beats that thud beneath the fog of ambience and often take over the track with a more confident dance-like vibe as they progress. Elegant, atmospheric, engaging, kaleidoscopic; This is the kind of EP that you may play as background noise while working, but several minutes later realise you have done nothing except listen.


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