Saturday 18 August 2012

Bear Mountain- Congo

 I've found a band powerful enough to wake me from my slothful posting slumber, (a huge feat in itself),  and inspire me to inform you guys that this is something which must be checked out.

The duo is formed of Vancouver residents Ian Bevis and Kyle Statham, who together have chosen the imaginative I-wish-I-thought-of-it-first moniker, Bear Mountain. The bands latest album, XO, was released last week. My only vexation with this album, and it's a very minor one, is that they called it  an album and not an EP. 7 songs... Come on. Still if you can just cope with this questionable classification (I think you'll manage) and listen to this song, you might just fall in love with the duo.

The album as a whole is an achievement, but I will focus in on the song "Congo", as it is my personal favourite. "Congo" is a  truly compelling 3 minutes and 17 seconds of music. The kind of 3 minutes and 17 seconds of music that can get a group widespread recognition. Much of the uniqueness of the song emerges from the spectacular samples of what sounds to be an African choir, and the drum beat, which I'm pretty sure is being played on a Conga drum (go figure!) The electronic and dance elements of track, after all they are traditionally an electronic dance duo, are weighed so delicately against the more organic samples, that every element simply belongs. For an unconventional idea, they have succeeded in making this track sound completely natural. The synths gush into view and shrink precisely as the choir repeats their unforgettable motif.  Ian's vocals, which their bandcamp describes as being "reminiscent of Ray Lamontagne" soar over the track, contributing a vital presence.

I could easily see this track in the soundtrack of a movie. An inspirational movie. About life and philosophy and overcoming obstacles and horses and stuff. I'm excited for their future. The duo, not my fictitious movie characters.


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