Wednesday 15 August 2012

Domo Genesis & The Alchemist - No Idols

Domo Genesis has come out with a new Mixtape, No Idols. This marks his third full length album, following the Tyler-produced Rolling Papers in 2010, and his second album the following year, Under the Influence. So he's gone three for three and released another album, which was created in collaboration with The Alchemist (no intro hopefully needed).

The release proves that Genesis can hold his own as an emcee and make a track work effectively by himself. Of course, that doesn't stop him from frequently featuring many of his Odd Future and other buds on the tracks. And yes, the fact that Tyler is on the title track automatically makes it better. Much better. But as I said, Genesis can hold his own.

Lyrically, he simply exhales rhymes in rapid verse, often espousing emotionally overt sentiments of loneliness, frustration, ager, but always with an undertone of excitement and determination to succeed. Often, he also expresses encouragement and inspiration for his "O.F fam", which builds to his almost  childlike enthusiasm for what he is doing. These topics are probably a blessing and a curse. Genesis probably will never possess the depraved, warped imagination to lyrically create the scenes that Tyler enjoys setting. A problem for him now will be differentiating himself substantially from these guys. Right now he is only set apart for his self proclaimed love of weed. He's a rapper. Unique.

Much of the success of this album has to be credited to the Alchemist, who lays down beats to perfectly compliment whatever is being rapped. The instrumentals are a huge step away from Tyler's production on his last album,  founded on heavy beats and prominent low pitched synths. This album the makes only subtle uses of bass, and incorporates soul elements and jazz elements into the mix. The bizarre samples starting off several tracks, such on "The Daily News" provide a unique twist to the atmosphere of the mix.

So all in all the album is very good. You can easily begin listening to it and find yourself back at the same song and wonder how you could've listened all the way through. If Genesis keeps his pace and finds his niche, we can expect more good stuff from him.


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