Tuesday 3 September 2019

Sgrow - Extremes

Sgrow is an electronic duo consisting of Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard. They hail from Oslo. And they have hailed down upon us a new piece of electronica: a manic, galloping track that rushes past your ears like you are racing through a freaky sci-fi landscape in a convertible with the roof down.

 It’s a soundscape that is hard to tie down; they seem to have the same problem, because on their website they cite as musical inspirations "Tim Hecker, Vince Staples, Kelela, Holy Other, Little Dragon and Aphex Twin.” On facebook they add to that list "Four Tet, FKA Twigs, Bj√∂rk" … and many others. Bjork’s influence certainly comes across in Vilde Nupen's compelling spoken vocal part in the chorus that seems to simultaneously disclose and shield some critical information. Abundant details successfully draw and hold our attention, from the intricate opening synth pattern, to creaky, glitchy textures and tangled vocal samples.

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