Monday 2 September 2019

Florentino - Latigo

After his debut EP Fragmentos (where he worked with the likes of rising star Bad Gyal), Ilimitado finds British-Columbian producer Florentino continuing to develop his hybrid sound and working with a new cadre of up and coming artists, like Brazil’s MC Bin Laden. The sounds are eclectic and reference reggaeton, cumbia and baile funk as much as they do UK bass and grime. 

Although every track on this EP deserves a mention, I want to draw particular attention to Latigo, the only track without a listed vocalist. Over the course of four minutes, a looming, atmospheric melody trades places with a charging soca beat. There are squeaky blips and synth effects more reminiscent of the UK’s club sound, but the main rhythm of the track is sure to get your hips shaking. 

Contributed by K. M.

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