Sunday 11 August 2019

Flèche Love - Festa Tocandira

Hands up if you missed the debut album from Flèche Love. ^^ When you first learn about Flèche Love (real name Amina Cadelli), it is impossible to be indifferent to the confounding songwriter. She is a Swiss woman of Algerian descent who sings in English and Spanish. She describes her singing as both “angry” and “crystalline”. The press release for her first album Naga Pt.1 (released in March) calls her “half witch 2.0, half Shaman woman”. Themes on said album include mathematician Gödel and an Amazonian male initiation ritual called the “Festa de Tocandira”, which entails boys proving their manhood by thrusting their hands into gloves full of biting ants.

The genre? Let's call it avant-garde R&B-tinged electro soul. Let's.

With such a distinctive and incomparable persona, I don’t expect this will be our last exposure to Flèche Love. More commentary from me is unlikely to help matters, so I recommend you watch this bewitching video.

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