Sunday 11 August 2019

Catching Flies - She Goes Out Of Focus

Catching Flies first came on the radar in 2012, the year his first two EPs were released. Since then he has received a steady stream of positive press for a steady stream of impressive singles. It’s only last month that he released his debut album Silver Lining. His reasoning behind the long wait is wholesome:

“It's taken me a while because I didn't want to speak until I had something to say. I wanted to make something positive, hopeful and colourful...The world isn't in the best place at the moment, and the last thing it needs is another dark and moody electronic record. I wanted ‘Silver Linings’ to be a scrapbook of the last three years. It’s definitely eclectic, and it’s supposed to be.”

Silver Linings is certainly a positive and optimistic contribution to this year’s electronic releases. Full of light, airy synths, hip-hop and house-inspired beats, enticing soul samples, this is an album that obviously took time. Perhaps because of that, it is an album that is unified in purpose but that puts together songs you may not expect to see on the same release – "YĆ»", "New Gods", and "She Goes Out Of Focus", are three very different tracks. The album is probably best conceptualized in the way Catching Flies describes it: as a series of diary entries.

This album will appeal to fans of artists like Bibio and Jon Hopkins and Bonobo (whom Catching Flies has toured with extensively). My favorite among the tracks is “She Goes Out Of Focus”; it ebbs and flows, rises and falls, at just the right moments; it is expertly paced; it has an  idyllic, atmospheric energy that calls to mind the best of chillwave and will appeal to fans of Teen Daze and Brothertiger.

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