Thursday 18 July 2019

Tei Shi - Red Light

Today we get to hear "Red Light", the second single off Tei Shi's upcoming album, which will be the successor to her 2017 debut album Crawl Space. The single is an exercise in catchy, velvety R&B synth-pop. You can't resist being drawn in, enchanted by Tei Shi's characteristically airy, glistening vocals. I need the full album. I need it now! 
Speaking about the track's inspiration, Tei Shi has stated that this is a diss track (in a sense), dealing with moving past toxic relationships:
"Red Light is about a few different relationships in my past – some romantic, some in the work space – that made me feel helpless and powerless. I spent a lot of time in dynamics with close people in my life who didn’t encourage or empower me but thrived in making me feel small. The song is about learning from these dynamics, earning more respect for myself and knowing better in the future. It’s kind of a diss track, but also on my end it’s about letting go of that frame of mind."

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