Thursday 18 July 2019

Himuro Yoshiteru - Drowning Swan

Do I have to describe this one? What about a story instead? :

You open your eyes surrounded by darkness, save for a narrow slit of light in the middle of your visual field. How did I get here. Deep even bass tones begin to resonate. Cosmic celestial strings played pizzicato (that just means plucked I apologize) dance around, accompanied by a reassuring, regular, finger-snapping click. You move towards the light and emerge from what you now recognize to be enormous chrysanthemum. You find yourself in a mountainous alien landscape. As you crook your head towards the expansive aquamarine sky, the sparse instrumentals follow suit and also expand: bright layered synths join the mix; a still-relaxed-but-more-involved rhythm section; occasional pitched vocal samples are chopped in for flavor. And in the story - I don't know - maybe you dive into a lake full of breathable liquid**. Maybe you ride around on a giant albatross or something. Use your imagination. The dream (song) ends all too abruptly...

I'm glad to have discovered this track. It's well-paced, it's uncluttered, and unlike some other music of his, there's nothing hyper-kinetic about it (not saying there's anything wrong with that, just less my thing). So go ahead, put it on and play Journey.

**It's more realistic than you think:

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