Sunday 14 July 2019

Havelock - Real

If you type "Havelock" into google, the top result is a city in Craven County, North Carolina. If you type in "Havelock band", the top result is the Havelock High School Band (guess where they're from).

I'm not trying to roast anyone. I'm sure Havelock's high school band is top-notch. But I think they're about to be usurped. London-based musician Havelock is flying a couple feet under the radar, but over the past few months he has released his first three singles, each as impressive as the last. With his last single "Real", Havelock again melds R&B beats and energetic synths into an original configuration. The result is an ultra-catchy pop song that manages to stay raw and wear a halo of sincerity. He may be a 'newcomer', but these early singles make it hard to believe.


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