Tuesday 23 July 2019

Golden Dawn Arkestra - Mama Se

I don't post music for effect or to shock. But Golden Dawn Arkestra might be effective in shocking you. They might shock your socks right off. The 'Golden Dawn' part of their name is inspired by a late 19th century secret society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, known for it's occultism, ritualism, and paranormal spiritualism. The 'Arkestra' part is inspired by the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra, from whom the group takes its visual and performative cues. Members perform wearing vividly patterned robes and flowing garments, pink wigs, goggles, Venetian masks, glitter.... It's a true spectacle.

But have you forgotten, I don't post music merely for the spectacle. Everything about the song is infectious: the afrobeat rhythm, the bass-line, the chant - mamasakase mamase mamasaka - (surely based on a similar Michael Jackson chant (which he in turn took from Manu Dibango)). It's uplifting, and gets in your bones, so that by halfway through the track you start to believe you may indeed, in the band's words, "experience the ecstatic joy of drifting upon the ever-loving rays of RA."

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