Wednesday 31 July 2019

Chiiild - Count Me Out

Montreal-based Chiiild (my keys aren't stuck) are out with a single, "Count Me Out". With an impressive list of production credits already under their belt, including for Jack Ü (the Skrillex-Diplo collaboration), Lady Gaga, and Usher, this single is (surprisingly) the band's first. It catches your attention from the start with an expressive string arrangement, and holds it throughout, as the strings open onto a propulsive R&B groove. Interspersed are horn blasts and synth flairs, as the strings continue to provide a soothing backdrop.

They are not afraid to heavily manipulate the vocals and to show the seams that manipulation - perhaps one reason this is part of a project they have dubbed 'synthetic soul'. This augurs future groovy material, and I'll certainly be on the lookout.

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