Thursday 26 July 2012

Crying Day Care Choir

This is the sweetest, most wholesome band you will hear for a long time. You need proof? Swedish folk band "Crying Day Choir" were so named because, as band member Jack phrased it:

"we found that the name also can relate to our purpose with the band; our wish and quest for a better world. Because if you have a “Crying Day”, who doesn’t need a “Care Choir” then? It feels applicable to the world’s situation too".

I can't remember what labyrinth of internet searches and links I followed to finally stumble onto this gem, but I'm glad I did, because this band reminded me of a purer, more simple form of music. Simple in this context may sound derogatory, but that is not what I mean. Every once and I while we should appreciate simple songs. Songs that aren't over-produced with expensive electronic equipment. Songs that are recorded on the spot and whose flaws are oddly endearing rather than a reason not to listen to them. From the light acoustic accompaniment, to the airy and delicate vocal harmonies, to the sound that comes out of whatever odd looking midi instrument that guy is playing, this song should put a smile on anyone's face who gives it a chance. And if you buy the EP "Join The Joyful Revolution" here for just a dollar (or more) all profits go to Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Foundation. How's that for wholesome.

POOL SESSIONS: Crying Day Care Choir from Jonas Börjesson on Vimeo.

POOL SESSIONS: Crying Day Care Choir from Jonas Börjesson on Vimeo.

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