Saturday 7 September 2019

AMAZONDOTCOM - Leopard’s Dream

There are a lot of weird DJ/producer names floating around these days (I’m looking at you, DJ fart in the club). However, in my mind, the king of them all is AMAZONDOTCOM. That being said, I don’t want their name to get all the attention. Their most recent EP, Mirror River, is excellent. It has everything you want out of contemporary electronic music: blips, bloops, blops, squeaks, bird calls and water droplets. Nevertheless, at its core, I think “Leopard’s Dream” has the same appeal as an old school house track. It’s got one interesting, juicy little riff that massages your brain for four minutes as the producer plays with filters and other effects. It’s got a pounding rhythm, but a simple premise that makes it a real joyride of a listen.

Contributed by K. M.

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