Sunday 18 August 2019

SGJAZZ - Make Me Feel

SGJAZZ are a neo-soul/jazz group from Louisville. They are now out with their third ever single, “Make me Feel”, from their eponymous debut album. And it's so groovy, you’d think they were veterans of the genre.

According to their press release, the album was recorded in drummer Dr. Dundiff’s studio. I can’t help but sense that being on home-turf imbues his playing with a natural ease and is partially the reason his 16th note hip-hop pattern sounds so sleek and in the pocket (any drummers out here?). J. Lamotta - featured singer on this track - kills it. Even though in reality she sent in her contribution from her home studio in Berlin, it sounds like she is fully present, rocking with the band.

I hope they tour beyond Louisville.

A quick shout-out to Berlin label Jakarta Records, who can't stop tenaciously putting out superb records (Exhibit A: J. Lamotta's recent album).

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