Thursday 8 August 2019

Parisalexa - Water Me

 “Water Me” by young Seattleite singer-songwriter-producer Parisalexa is a powerful piece of R&B pop. Made using a modest toolkit – pretty much a clean guitar, piano, and of course vocals - the track resists becoming formulaic, and keeps you on your toes. The strong, emotive vocal performance holds the day, with the message coming across so straightforwardly and earnestly that it can’t help but hit home:

It’s okay to admit when you need a little help
You can’t make it on your own
You can’t do it by yourself
I said it’s okay to admit it
So what you gonna say when I admit it?

Are you gonna give it
Are you gonna water me?
Can’t you see my fallen leaves
I feel like I’m wilting

Also, does this remind anyone else of Drake's "Doing It Wrong"?
No? Anyways:

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