Friday 23 August 2019

Miette Hope - Alone

22-year-old Brooklynite artist Miette Hope is on the rise. Over the past couple of years she has released just a handful of singles, but with each she has shown herself to be versatile, capable of soulful, jazzier deliveries, as well as electro-pop tracks.

Her newest track, “Alone”, starts with a subdued verse, featuring scattered percussive flourishes. Then a synth lead upper-cuts you, throwing you into an swaggering electro-pop chorus reminiscent of Flume’s “You and Me” remix. The tonal shift is unexpected and enjoyable. And the contrast between the morose lyrics and the bright, confident instrumentals in the chorus injects a puzzling tension. Miette Hope juxtaposes recognizable ingredients uniquely enough to make this track stand out.

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