Saturday 3 August 2019

Kan Wakan - Miles Away

Gueorgui Linev is a talented Bulgarian producer, film composer, and songwriter. Based now in LA, he has worked with artists like Moses Sumney, Thundercat, and Tosin Abasi. When he is not producing for others, he releases his own music as Kan Wakan. Last year he unveiled Phantasmagoria, Vol. 1, part one of an ambitious triple LP. The album displayed an ability to fuse electronic and organic elements. Massive Attack, RJD2, Bonobo - you hear echoes of all of them. But, listening to it again, I am reminded of just how sprawling it is. There are gentle minimialist piano interludes, lengthy horn solos, harmonicas, bluesy guitar riffs, orchestral flourishes (provided by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra). It’s just…very good.

Now we have a new single and an accompanying video. The song has a glitchy, jazzy, garage thing going on. In the video, friends are hanging out, drinking and smoking, and then their faces start to fold, to fuse together. Oh, and their irises jump around. Trippy, man.

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