Sunday 25 August 2019

Dyllan - One of Us

Since I first heard this song, I haven’t been able to get the infectiously catchy chorus out of my head. I find myself singing it over and over again. My neighbors probably think I’m going through a difficult breakup. I half expect one of them to come knocking on my door, proffering a cookie: “it’s okay honey, sometimes people just aren’t compatible”.

For context, the lyrics in the chorus are, “One of us wants what the other can’t give”.
Actually, the lyrics are,

“One of us, one of us wants
  One of us, one of us wants
  One of us, one of us wants what the other can’t give.”

Like an effective astrology column, a mark of good melancholic lyricism is to transform general themes into personalized messages. Repetition in the chorus gives the impression that Dyllan is getting to grips with a sad predicament as she sings, realizing in-real-time that her wants are incompatible with the wants of another. This is fully realized, unapologetically sensitive pop.

And listen to “Walk Sideways” too.

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