Monday 12 August 2019

Antwood - Club Dread

The second track of Antwood’s fourth release on UK-based label Planet Mu begins with a vocal sample that stutters along over top of deep kicks and trappy stabs. On the higher end of the frequency spectrum, rollicking clicks and hits sprinkle themselves in among the atmosphere. Yet before long, a dark wave of noise collapses the beat in a slow and resigned exhale. When the track eventually regenerates, we move deeper into the club with harder kicks and a more driving rhythm, but as soon as we find our groove, we’re pulled back into ambient desolation as muffled booms anticipate silence. As we near the three minute mark, dread gives way once more to the clubby maximalism at the heart of the track. 

It’s this narrative movement that underlies the musical pleasure in “Club Dread.” And it’s this focus on story that sets Antwood (Tristan Douglas) apart from computer musicians who pursue sonic complexity to the point of gratuity. Quotes from Douglas that relate the conceptual underpinnings of his latest album abound online, but each track doesn’t need that foundation to stand. Give “Club Dread” a listen and be prepared to dive further into the world of Delphi.

Contributed by K. M.

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