Wednesday 17 July 2019

Yeule - Pretty Bones

Yeule's mega-talent has been out in the open for awhile. While her releases haven't been as frequent as fans might hope - she's studying for a bachelors of fine arts, gosh - The Singaporean London-based producer has been quietly releasing - synth-heavy, shoegazey, often atmospheric - art-pop (enough descriptors?) for several years. Okay, one more - "witch house" (self-ascribed).

In 2017, The Fader called her "Coma" EP "dream pop perfection." More recently, she made it onto one of Grimes Spotify playlists!¡ She's getting recognized, that's the point. With her latest track, I hope more recognition is headed her way.

The music video for her newest song "Pretty Bones" (released on Bayonet Records) is out. Directed by Joy Song, the video explores self-identity, artificiality, and decay. Sundry luxuriant items, artificial and natural, are interspersed, heaped together on an exquisite banquet table: bowls of raspberries topped with glitter; shiny rose petals; shinier lip gloss; a bejeweled octopus. Then things dissolve, scatter, get destroyed. A pomegranate is torn apart; an engraved knife stabs a slab of raw beef; overfull bowls of fruit rot in half a second, are resurrected, and then rot again. It's miraculous. The whole thing brought to mind a quote from the end of Strindberg's A Dream Play (ahem): "Time and space do not exist. Upon an insignificant background of real life events the imagination spins and weaves new patterns."

One more thing: check out this interview by Milk Magazine. 
"Who are you, yeule? 

yeule is my reflection, your reflection, your friend, your enemy, a cut in dimensional fabric, a disappearing space..."
"How do you balance attending university while maintaining your career and artistry?This is a very good question, Gabriella — I’m a shapeshifter...."

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