Friday 26 July 2019

Mo'believe - Bí Oba (Remix)

Mo’believe released a well-received EP last year, Ariwo Eko. More recently, he was a beneficiary of Mr. Eazi’s emPAWA100 initiative, which is sponsoring 100 artists across Africa to shoot and promote music videos. The result is this vibrant, playful video for Mo'believe's track "Bí Oba (Remix)". The keys and rhythm are calm, gentle. Smiling at us, and dancing, seated on a couch, standing on steps,  Mo'believe radiates the coolness, warmth, and serenity that also flows from his vocals.

In the song he brings a positive lens to Lagos, to his culture, his friends - that much is obvious even if you cannot speak Yoruba. For us single-language english-speakers the full lyrics are helpfully translated below the video, and they are not far from what you would expect -- like the chorus:

"Eré dé, ọmọ a rí jó ṣe bí ọba (It’s time for fun, you that sees dance and turn into a king)// Ẹ̀ fẹ̀ dé, ọmọ a rí jó ṣe bí ìjòyè Ìlẹ̀ kẹ̀ ló ma jẹ ìyá l'álẹ́ ọ̀ ní Òní gángàn bá mi lùlù sí ìbèbè dí ( Mr. gan-gan drummer, help me drum to the rhythm of the shaking waist bead)"

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