Thursday 25 July 2019

So Sensitive - Caught in the Dark

Kira Clark and Keith McGraw were living in Portland, OR, playing in a heavy metal band, before they decided to pick up and form a pop duo in (where else?) Brooklyn. Noticing the lack of female representation in the heavy metal world, they decided to try something new. This band formed out of a desire to be honest and to openly embrace sensitivity (hence their moniker).

Their debut album, Bedroom Drama, will be released on August 2nd. Meanwhile, they have put out three singles - the latest is "Caught in the Dark". Clark said of the single:

"'Caught in the Dark’ is the happiest song we’ve ever written. I felt as though I was emerging out of a long bout of unhappiness. Writing this record felt so much better to me than what we were doing before. I remember feeling light and inspired and hopeful and things felt possible again. It’s also about the intensity of being alive and welcoming that intensity… (Don’t wanna be in the world easily/I want to feel it in me/in this bag embodied I’m hungry…I was so tired of feeling vulnerable but that’s life/aren’t I alive?”). The production on this song is inspired by and an ode to NSYNC. We listened to some of their old hits countless times, trying to decipher what makes them so impossibly catchy. We didn’t succeed but this song is our attempt."

Despite their suggestion to the contrary, this track is pretty darn catchy. It's also an enjoyable 80's romp, complete with arpeggiating disco synths.

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