Monday 13 August 2012

Message to Bears - Wake Me

My posts have been lacking lately so here is the first of probably several updates on things that I have been listening to and think you really ought to as well, because my opinion is really important..just kidding. Kind of.

Message to Bears is the musical conception of Oxford raised multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander. In 2009 Alexander released his first full length album, titled Departures, and carved his name into the ever growing list of artists who belong to the rapidly growing, minimalist-influenced, "post-rock" scene. Personally I don't like this label but I have heard it used several times so I guess I will abide.

The song I am posting is nearly a year old. It is off of his newest album, Folding Leaves. This is however a relatively new video that Message to Bears did for "Berlin Sessions". The live element as well as the ambient surrounding noise from the street that they are on gives this recording a very organic feel.

The thing to get used to is that this song, and indeed most of his songs, won't necessarily progress melodically. They aren't supposed to. For instance, the underlying chord structure of this song does not change. Alexander proves himself as a first -rate minimalist precisely because the song can remain so rich and engaging without really going anywhere. Motives are added and then dropped in a very delicate way, until finally he sings the the only lyrics and central message of the song "Wake me when I fall". The effect is haunting and isolating. And great.

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