Thursday 2 August 2012

Bon Iver- Perth (Teen Daze Remix)

Teen Daze has just dropped a remix of one of the great Bon Iver tracks, "Perth". Like pretty much everything that Teen Daze releases, it is awesome. If you're detecting some bias, it is only because Teen Daze is a legend of electronic music and people who disagree are wrong. But seriously, this is a great track. He doesn't distort the original enough to make it at all alien, but he still undeniably manages to infuse his own "Chillwave"-inspired influence into the mix. It can be appreciated by diehard Teen Daze fans and Bon Iverians alike.

On a related note, Bon Iver has just started a remix competition. You can remix any of his songs from Bon Iver, Bon Iver and submit your remix here. If you are selected you can win some money and get your remix in Bon Iver's upcoming remix album. I was thinking about submitting something...then I heard Teen Daze's remix.

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