Sunday 15 July 2012

Who is my newest favourite Icelandic composer?

Olafur Arnalds of course. If you've never heard of him then it's time that you did. Coming from the small suburban town of Mosfellsbær in Iceland, Olafur has worked tirelessly since his teens, proving himself as an innovative and talented composer. At the age of 21 he had already achieved great success, having toured with Sigur Rós and sold out the Barbican Hall in London. Four years later he has only risen to greater heights. He has composed and releasing much more material including an extraordinary album entitled "...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness". 

Arnalds went to University to study classical music for a short time before dropping out after deciding to pursue different aspects of music that he wasn't able to at university. In an interview with The Quietus he said about university that he "didn't really get to do the stuff (he) wanted to." About classical music he admits that "Modern classical music is very complicated and people don't understand it unless they've been studying it themselves. It's locked itself inside of a small circle and it's sad really because there's a lot of good classical music out there; and it's also sad because those in the circle are also prejudiced against other types of music". From that understanding Arnalds has taken his knowledge of classical music and has merged it with electronic production to create a style that is undeniably unique and beautiful.

This quote from Arnald's interview with More Intelligent Life sums up this song : 

"I love minimalism. I don't practice it to the extreme though. I'm much more fond of achieving big things with small things than with big things. I just find it more interesting"

His blog
Erased Tapes (The label that he belongs to is pretty awesome. If you have time check out the other artists)

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