Sunday 22 July 2012

Freedom at 21

Jack White has released the music video for Freedom at 21, a standout song from his solo album, Blunderbuss. Directed by Hype Williams, an icon in Hip-Hop videography, this video tells the story of Jack being detained by the police. A quick synopsis of the video: Jack is seen driving a neon lime-green muscle car, which is speeding down an otherwise empty highway. Everything except for the car is a blue-grey hue. An unusually attractive female police officer sees him speeding. The same cop briefly turns into some sort of vampiric creature and is briefly viewed crawling on the hood of Jack’s car. She turns back into an officer and detains him before taking him to a holding cell. In the cell with him is an unusually attractive female inmate. Somewhere in between.. err... making a friend and playing a guitar solo he escapes from prison only to be recaptured. This video is fun, fast paced, and mysterious, successfully matching the song it is paired with. And Jack looks cooler than ever. Well done Jack.

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